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Album 1

Sentinel Steam Waggons alb1 cover

An Album of Sentinel Works Photographs No1

Supers & Standards

This Book was written by Anthony R & Joseph L Thomas Woodpecker Publications in 1992.

Originally intended as one of a pair of Albums covering the same history as Volumes 1 & 2 but in pictorial form.Album No 2 has been prepared but publication is not expected until 2010.

Written by Anthony R Thomas, using material from his fathers lifetime collection of Sentinel material, this book contains 155 pages and over 200 Sentinel works photographs with detailed captions with a brief history of each waggon.

The appendix contains a listing of every known Standard and Super-Sentinel and trailer built with, Works Number, Registration Number, Registration Date, Model, First and Subsequent Owners and their Town, County & Country, amounting to over 7100 lines of data.[picture 1].

sentinel steam waggons index        sentinel steam waggons first waggon            Album1pic1          sentinel steam waggons album1 pic3

Picture 1   Appendix                                       Picture 2 First Sentinel Waggon             Picture 3  &  Picture 4 Example Pages

Chapter 1 begins with the Simpson-Bodman then Simpson-Bibby wagons, predecessor of the fist Sentinel waggon built in 1905.[Picture 2]. Each chapter has up to two text pages followed by unique photos illustrating the different models built with captions to show the range of customers and what they were use for. [Picture 3 & Picture 4].

Also included are the various varieties of the Super-Sentinel tractors built, including the timber hauling, ploughing and trailer hauling versions. Special tractors such as the Roadless (tracked) and Rhinocerous are included [Picture 5] and also portable engines. [Picture 6]

Picture 4                                       Picture 6                                  Picture 5                                            

Picture 5  Roadless Tractors           Picture 6   Portable Engines                        Picture 7  Trailers

Sentinel built trailers from the first for use with their waggons and tractors and these are also included [Picture 7].


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