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The Sentinel Volume 2  1930-1980

 Authors  Anthony R & Joseph L Thomas

sentinel waggons books cover vol 2 This book begins with the introduction of the Double-Geared Super-Sentinel waggon  in     November 1927 and known as the DG.  Like all previous Super wagons these were  originally all supplied on solid rubber tyres.

The unique feature of the new wagon was that the crankcase had been extended to include a two speed gear with the differential now in the lay-shaft.

Sentinel had supplied a number of six-wheeled articulated Super waggons but the first  DG was a rigid six wheeler with double chain drive to both rear axles. [picture 1] A few  months later they also introduced a four wheeled DG4. The six-wheeled DG6 proved most popular from the start outselling the DG4 two to one although the cheaper  Super-Sentinel continued to be supplied for another three years..   
In September 1930 Sentinel produced the worlds first rigid eight-wheeler a DG8. [picture 2 ]. 

sentinel steam waggons vol2p1               sentinel steam waggons vol2ph2                 sentinel waggons vol2 pic3  

Picture 1  Double Geared                          Picture 2  Eight Wheeler                          Picture  3  Shaft Drive DG6P      

The requirements of the 1930 Road Traffic Act lead Sentinel to introduce the lightweight DG6P on pneumatic tyres and later a DG4P  then in November 1931 they were showing a shaft-drive DG6P at the Commercial Motor Show. [picture 3]. Only two of these were built but a prototype shaft-drive DG4P had been built in January 1931 which has survived into preservation.            
In March 1933 Sentinel introduced the most revolutionary steam wagon to date which they called the ‘S’ type standing for ‘shaft-drive’. [picture 4].This was much lighter than the DG with a modern style cab, a four-cylinder single-acting engine and shaft drive through a two-speed gearbox and worm drive rear axle.

The book then covers in detail the Doble experiments where Abner Doble, the American steam car builder, came to Shrewsbury in 1931 to develop a revolutionary high efficiency steam lorry. [picture 5].

Also included are the rail loco and railcar developments including the Doble engined railbus
[picture 6] and LMS shunting locos.  The single and double engined industrial shunting locos and special mainline and industrial locos are described. [picture 7].

sentinel steam waggons vol2 ph4         sentinel steam waggons vol2 ph5         sentinel steam waggons vol2 ph6

Picture 4   'S' Type                                   Picture 5 Doble Steam Lorry                    Picture 6 Doble Rail Bus

sentinel steam waggons vol2ph7
     sentinel steam waggons vol2ph8        sentinel steam waggons vol2 ph9

Picture 7 Industrial Locos                   Picture 8  Sentinel Garners                           Picture 9 Sentinel HSG's

A chapter describes Sentinels pre-war attempts to enter the internal combustion engined vehicle market with the Sentinel-Garners [picture 8] and Sentinel-HSG’s. [picture 9].  During the war Sentinel manufactured thousands of machine tools under licence from Alfred Herbert, Swift-Summerskill, Sager and others.  They also built thousands of Bren-Gun carriers and Lloyd carriers and modified American & Canadian tanks to British needs.  They also manufactured millions of shell cases.  Toward the end of the war they refurbished all sorts of American built petrol and diesel engines and built structures for the D-day tank landing craft.  After the war they manufactured hundreds of prefabricated kitchens & bathrooms and also Joy-Sullivan mining equipment.

Sentinel were not allowed to build road vehicles during the war but as soon as they were allowed the began making a new range of diesel engined lorries and buses.  Each model in the post war range of diesel lorries [picture 10] and buses [picture 11] are described in detail.

A further chapter describes the post war steam shunting locomotives built up to 1958 [picture 12]and also the batch of 100 S6 steam wagons supplied to the Argentine in 1950.[picture 13]

 sentinel steam waggon vol2ph10  sentinel steam waggons vol2ph11  sentinel steam waggons vol2ph12  sentinel steam waggons vol2 ph13

Picture 10 Diesel Lorry        Picture 11 Deisel Bus              Picture 12 Shunting Locos       Picture 13 Argentine  Waggons

Finally a chapter describes the progress of Alley & MacLlelan Ltd from their separation from the Sentinel Waggon Works in 1918 to the final liquidation in 1979 after their takeover by Weir Pumps Ltd.


This book was published by Woodpecker Publications in 1988 and sold out four years later.  I retained a small number which have been selling at an increasing price ever since.  Currently there are only five left which are available at £100 incl Postage & Packing.  I also try to buy second-hand copies whenever I can on the open market for re-sale.  .

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